Tasmanian Trail – Summer 2013-14

I have just booked my end of year adventure. From Christmas Day 2013 until 11 January 2014, I’ll be bike packing the Tasmanian Trail. The Tasmanian Trail is a 480km multi-use horse-riding, walking and MTB track from Devonport in Tasmania’s north to Dover, which is the southern-most town in Australia.

I will actually be riding from Launceston to the start point in Devonport and then from the finish in Dover back to Hobart, making my trip closer to 700km than the trail’s official 480km length.

I’ll be riding the 400km from Devonport to Hobart (on my way down to Dover) as an Audax Raid (Raid Tasmania). The maximum time allowed for this section of the ride will be 10 days and I won’t be allowed to ride any of it at night.

I’ll be finishing my ride by running the Cadbury Marathon in Hobart on 12 January before I fly home on the 13th.



4 responses to “Tasmanian Trail – Summer 2013-14

  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure Andrew, have fun with your training!

    • Thanks Simone. I am excited about the trip. And as a bonus, I will get to spend Christmas Day with some good friends who I haven’t seen in years and either Boxing Day or 27th December with another good friend who I only get to see once a year.

  2. Great Trip, I am doing the trail, as well as a side trip to Cradle Mt, and a ride back to Hobart leaving 21/2/2014.

    Did you manage to do the trip and how was it, I have read mixed reviews on the trail, and its navigation. Do you have any tips / sticking points?


    • Hey Matt. Unfortunately my MTB broke before I left Brisbane so I couldn’t do the trip this time. I’m now saving for a touring bike so hope to make it down in future

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