Six Tips to runPositive – and Injury Free!

I don’t usually reblog posts but these are some wise words from my physio Paul Trevethan of Body Leadership Australia.
As for me, I didn’t do much training today. I did some strength work (pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, plank and squats) but decided that I needed to keep chipping away at painting the walls inside my house so I can be ready to put it on the market when I return from my Great North Walk hike.
Anyway … here’s Paul’s wise words:


Group jogging

From heart health, weight loss to mental wellbeing, the benefits of running are well documented. However, it’s all too common that once you really start to feel the benefits of running on a regular basis, an injury can occur and you’re back to square one – or worse!

To assist you in your preparation for your fun run, we’ve asked Brisbane-based running physiotherapist Paul Trevethan of Body Leadership to share his six top tips to prevent injuries to help you runPositive whatever the distance.

1. Warm Up

Sounds simple, but most people just don’t do it. Take a few miPaul Trevethannutes to warm up cold muscles. Remember to use movement and dynamic-type stretches.

2. Don’t Overstride

One of the most common mistakes runners make is reaching forward too far with their stride. If you notice you’re quite noisy with your foot strike, you may be overstriding, so shorten it up!

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