MTB dawn

MTB dawn by Andrew Gills
MTB dawn, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

My poor bikes have been sitting neglected in the garage these past weeks since I’ve been taking things easy. I’ve looked at them sitting forlornly against the wall every morning and every night when I’ve parked my motorbike right next to them. But I’ve been busy preparing for the Great North Walk and the Brisbane Marathon, so neglected and sad they’ve remained.

Until this morning. See, I am starting to get some of my old spark back. You know the one I had up until late May when I started to feel a bit burned out. The “rest” has been doing me good and I’m starting to get keen as mustard to get out training again.

Perhaps it’s the passing of the winter solstice and the promise of longer days. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m now only two working days away from my holidays. Or perhaps it’s just the rest that I’ve enjoyed the past month.

Whatever it is, this morning I swung a leg over my MTB and spent an hour cruising the fire trails in my local bush. Sure, I could have hit the single tracks. But I don’t yet need the variety. After a month off, even fire trails were exciting. Besides, in just 24 days, I’ll be cycling 100km every day for 31 days to raise money for the Nakuru Hope Project in Kenya so I’ll be looking for something different to ride.

Total: 16.3km MTB


5 responses to “MTB dawn

  1. Rest is good. When I’m feeling a little burned out, I take some time off and always feel more energized when I come back to running. I’m sure it helps that you’re also almost on vacation!

    • Oh yeah – today is my last day at work for 19 days 🙂 . One trip up and back to Canberra for work and I’m on holidays. I have 3 days at home to finish preparing the house for sale then off on my hike for 15 days. Bring it on hey.

  2. I love how you can just disappear on the mtb for an hour and it helps you to recharge again. Even with my IM training I plan on doing at least one mtb ride a week to keep sane and the fun in life! 🙂

    • I am glad to read you are going to maintain some balance in your IM training. I know lots who give up trail running or MTB riding for their IM dreams but thing is, they are still training and balance is key

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