5 hours until holidays


That’s me this morning heading to a work meeting all the way down in Canberra. Despite the blue tie andy travel destination, I am not a politician (Google recently deposed Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s women’s power speech if you don’t get my lame attempt at humour).

In just 5 hours I will be on a flight back home to Brisbane and 19 days off work. I’ve some trail running, chores and packing planned for Saturday to Monday. Then Tuesday morning I fly to Sydney to start my much anticipated (by me anyway) Great North Walk adventure. Bring on 14 days of just me, my pack and a 250km long hiking trail through the Australian bush.

Total: Rest day due to long day of flying interstate.

3 responses to “5 hours until holidays

  1. So handsome, Andrew! I am so excited for you being on vacation. Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I actually hate wearing my bag of fruit (slang term for a suit). Work is done for the day so now I can wander around chilly Canberra for half an hour or so before going to the airport.

      Unfortunately, I am unlikely to be able to blog while I’m away due to lack of internet access and no way to charge my smart phone but boy will there be a big write-up when I get back. I am so excited. I even bought myself a Spot Messenger so that I can check in daily and also call for help if there is an emergency. I can’t believe it’s actually going to happen

  2. You look very dapper in your suit Andrew, enjoy your holidays my friend! 🙂

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