Out running by Andrew Gills
Out running, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I’m not quite sure what to do this week. I had a week between finishing the Great North Walk and starting the Cycling for Hope challenge. And it’s only 18 days until the Brisbane Marathon. So I’m caught between wanting to rest and recover, not wanting to lose form and wanting to get some running miles in before the marathon.

This morning I went out for an easy 5km jog. The first 2.5km went well but then my ITB flared up (it’s tight from the hike) and I had to reduce my speed to running two light poles and walking one.

It felt good to be outdoors. And sometimes it’s good to just test where I’m at so that I know what I need to focus on. In this case, it’s stretching, resting and probably an easy bicycle ride tomorrow to get ready for the Cycling for Hope challenge, which starts on Saturday.

Total: 5.2km run/walk

5 responses to “Run/walk

  1. Oh no. You cannot be hurt. But at least you were out there. Tell ya what, I will do an easy bike trainer ride tomorrow in spirit with you (I’m not allowed to ride off the trainer yet). Good job and good luck on the Cycling for Hope!

    • No, I’m not ‘hurt’ hurt. I just have some ITB tightness. It’s an ongoing thing for me that happens when I wear proper shoes like I have been the past two weeks. I don’t tend to get it when I wear barefoot style shoes like my Merrel Trail Gloves or Vibram FiveFingers. But those shoes didn’t offer my feet enough protection on the GNW so I wore my Adidas Kanadia 5 Trail Runners (which are fantastic shoes for me for hiking). There’s something happens in my legs when I wear shoes that means I get ITB tightness. It’ll settle down with some rolling, stretching and barefoot living over the next week or so.

  2. Sometimes it is a fine line between resting too much and not losing fitness and training when not rested enough. Good luck my friend! πŸ˜‰

    • Yes it is. I think the run was a mistake because I’ve had some calf strain since but hey, lessons learned πŸ™‚ [and no doubt I’ll forget it next time too]

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