Cycling for Hope – Day 1 / 31

Wellington Point jetty by Andrew Gills
Wellington Point jetty, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It’s still so surreal. Am I really going to be cycling 100km a day for 31 days? Is this really me? Or someone else?

I started the day at 4am with a road ride out to Victoria and Wellington Points. The lights on the jetties reflected off the water, both in the bay and what was pooled on the jetty decks. It was as surreal as the idea of Cycling for Hope.

I covered 68.55km during my morning ride. I rode the rest tonight on my mountain bike on my way to and from Scouts.

It rained most of my 100km today. But at least the cloud cover kept things warm. Always a good thing in winter.

I got so many well wishes today and appreciate each of them. I also had a photo shoot with the local paper so hopefully Nakuru Hope will get some good publicity out of it.

Total: 100.43km cycling
Cycling for Hope cumulative total: 100.43km


11 responses to “Cycling for Hope – Day 1 / 31

  1. I love this photograph!

  2. I haven’t even had a chance to read about your Great North Walk and you’re already off on a new adventure! It is exhausting trying to keep up with you, Andrew! Best of luck–this one sounds as fabulous as all your other ventures.

    • Haha. This adventure was dreamed up just before I left on the Great North Walk. I decided to start almost straight away while my body is used to exercising for hours every day. Today is day 3 – the hardest day.

  3. You are amazing. 100k a day for a month? 🙂

    • Yep, 100km every day for a month. When I dreamed it up I decided that if I want to raise money and awareness I had to do something really big and out of the ordinary for me. But also something achievable (hence cycling not running). University classes start tomorrow night so it’s going to be a big month. Fortunately, my first assignments aren’t due until September so I’ll be done with the cycling by then.

  4. Still reading through your Great North Walk adventure, but I promise I’ll get to this shortly! :))

  5. Wow you are an adventurer all right, 100km a day for 31 days?!!! You are awesome mate!! Great pic by the way! 🙂

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