Cycling for Hope – Day 5

Cycling for Hope Day 5 by Andrew Gills
Cycling for Hope Day 5, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I was super tired yesterday morning (day 5). It’s really strange, when I’m on my bike I can just keep going and going. It’s like my body knows what to do. But when I am at home or work, I just want to have a big long snooze. I’m sure this sensation will ease as I start to eat more and find a rhythm. At the moment, I am probably still burning quite a bit of nervous energy with both the “wow, I’m actually going to be ‘that guy’ who did something crazy?” and the “will I actually make it to the end?” But as the days pass and I clock up the milestones, the answer to both questions will more easily come as “yes” and this will help reduce the wasted energy.

Instead of getting up at ridiculous o’clock (3:30am) to go cycling, I got up at a marginally more reasonable time (5:00am) to start my work day early and prepare for an afternoon ride.

What a glorious ride it was too. The sun was shining. The breeze was gentle. The sky was blue and the tide was out along the coast, making for pretty muddy views.

I completed 71km and then stopped at the pub to catch up with friends. Two hours and much laughter (but no alcohol for me) later I was back on my bike. I have to thank my mate Jakey for loaning me his jumper because it was quite cold at 8pm last night.

It was only 13km home but I still had to ride 29km. So I did some laps of Loganholme, rode the long way home and did some laps of my neighbourhood.

At 3hrs 38mins, day 5 was by far my fastest 100km of the challenge so far. It felt good to go fast and know that I can do it.

Total: 105.5km cycling
Cycling for Hope cumulative total: 507.3km

I’ve set up a Cycling for Hope Facebook page for those who are into Facebook. It’s a public page that you can follow here:

All donations and sponsorship, whether $100 or $5, is greatly appreciated. You will received an Australian tax receipt from Rotary Australia Overseas Aid.  Click here to donate.


9 responses to “Cycling for Hope – Day 5

  1. you are getting there!

  2. Wow, I can imagine how tired you must be each night when your head hits the pillow.

    • Oh yeah! I crash out every night. For the rest of this week I’m adjusting my schedule to do 2 hours in the morning and then 2 hours at night. That will let me sleep in an extra hour in the morning because getting up in the 3’s is a bit rude – LOL

  3. I was just going to ask you how long it takes you to ride that long. Wow. You are amazing! Keep up the good work, and congrats on getting the press you so deserve!

    • It takes me between 3hrs 30mins to 5hrs to ride the distance, depending on which bike I ride and how I’m feeling. Not amazing … just a bit crazy – LOL. It’s actually quite a spiritual experience in some ways. But that’s difficult to explain without sounding a bit w*nky.

      • Holy moly. 🙂
        I bet it would be a spiritual experience, as well. How could it not be when you spend so much time with mama nature? I miss riding!

  4. You are an absolute machine Andrew!! 🙂

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