Cycling for Hope – Day 8 (over 25% completed)

With Susan Saleeba, founder of Nakuru Hope

With Susan Saleeba, founder of Nakuru Hope

Today was fantastic. Susan Saleeba, founder of Nakuru Hope was in Brisbane so we managed to meet up for lunch. I walked away knowing I had another name to add to my short list of people I admire. See, I’m not the type to make heroes of sports people or movie stars. But I do admire and respect real people who make a difference to the world. Especially if they are friendly and can have a good laugh – both of which definitely apply to Susan. The meeting confirmed my decision to cycle 100km a day for 31 days to raise money and awareness for Nakury Hope.

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

Yesterday my new tyres also arrived in the mail. I decided to get a new set after I got three flats in the first six days of riding. I was really happy with my Continental Ultra Sports but the bike shop didn’t carry them and had a good deal on the Maxxis Refuse tyres. While I ordered white tyres (I just love coloured tyres), the shop mustn’t have had any in stock so they sent me black ones instead. The Maxxis Refuse have great online reviews and I’ve had good reports about them from a local cyclist too.

A gorgeous night for a ride

A gorgeous night for a ride

After babysitting my sister’s kids for a couple of hours I rode my last 20km home under starlight. It was so beautiful. The roads were quiet. There was a light dusting of fog hanging in the low spots. And the Southern Cross hung over me in the night sky. What more could I ask for to finish day 8 and the first quarter of my challenge.

Total: 101.3km cycling
Cycling for Hope cumulative total: 801.7km

I’ve set up a Cycling for Hope Facebook page for those who are into Facebook and want to follow my 100km a day for 31 days cycling challenge that way. It’s a public page that you can follow here:

All donations and sponsorship, whether $100 or $5, is greatly appreciated. You will received an Australian tax receipt from Rotary Australia Overseas Aid.  Click here to donate and read more about Nakuru Hope.


3 responses to “Cycling for Hope – Day 8 (over 25% completed)

  1. I am slowly wading through your blog … the Cycling for Hope challenge is a pretty impressive effort (and for an excellent cause)! I’m curious — how are the Maxxis Refuse tires holding up to it (and apologies if you’ve already mentioned somewhere)? I run (and love) Maxxis tires on my gravel/’cross/commuting/touring bike, and am considering them for my road ride.

    • The Maxxis Refuse got a nail through them on my first ride. The nail went straight through to the rim. The next day, I found that one of the little wires that’s meant to be puncture protection had broken and was poking through the tyre wall into my tube. But I’ve trimmed it back, covered it with Band-Aids and duct tape, switched the tyre to the front wheel (it was on the rear wheel, which gets more pressure due to my weight on the seat) and haven’t had another problem since *fingers crossed*. Other than that, I do like the Maxxis tyres. They’re not as quick as the Continental Ultra Sports I had before and have a bigger tyre feel (if that makes sense). I’ve just completed day 23 and have been running the Maxxis at 85psi, which is something I couldn’t have done with the Continentals (due to them being a lot shallower). So that’s a good thing.

      • Thanks very much! It sounds like the Maxxis Refuse would make a solid choice for touring and randonnering around here, where gravel and dirt roads often appear and look too appealing to skip — especially since you can run them at 85 PSI.

        Thanks again!

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