Cycling for Hope – Day 13

It's all mine! by Andrew Gills
It’s all mine!, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Wow! What a month July was!

It’s difficult to believe that it was just 2 July when I sat on that big bird in the sky flying to Sydney to walk The Great North. Those 11 days hiking through the Australian bush with a heavy pack feel like a lifetime ago. But in reality, they just happened yesterday.

And now I’ve also completed the first 13 days of Cycling for Hope. That’s over 1,300km of cycling in the same month that I walked over 250km in a single multi-day hike. That’s pretty epic for an average guy who drives a desk for 8-9 hours a day.

Day 13 of Cycling for Hope involved a bit of a mistake. I thought my university campus was about 45km from home when, in fact, it’s only about 33km away. So my plan to make my mileage by commuting to an from my class ended up with late night laps of just about every side street I could find and then some. Whoops. Haha.

The 10:40pm finish to my day will teach me for sleeping in until 6am instead of getting in a few quick kilometers before work. Instead, I just rode the 13km to work and left myself 87km to ride before and after my university class. I managed to 34km done before class, leaving me 53km for the day.

Fortunately, my class about the sociology of education was excellent so I was buzzed when I got on my bike at 8pm. The great thing about riding late at night is that the bike ways are empty and the roads quiet. The bad thing (for everyone whose house I passed anyway) is that sound travels so people would have heard my awful singing – LOL.

If I’m honest, it’s been a challenge to stay motivated and positive this second week. But I am still managing to find something positive and beautiful in every ride. And it’s those positive and beautiful moments I will remember when I am an old man looking back on my life. So when I feel a bit flat, I play a mental video of myself being old and grey looking back on those moments with a smile. And then I perk up again.

I have decided to end Cycling for Hope with a picnic at a park somewhere here on Brisbane’s south side. The picnic won’t be a fundraiser. I just want to enjoy time with the people who have supported me in this adventure (whether it’s through donations or encouragement). I’m going to wait until I get an indication of who’s coming so I can select a location convenient to the majority. But it gives me somewhere to aim for over the next 1,800km.

Total: 100.1km cycling
Cycling for Hope cumulative total: 1,314.6km

I’ve set up a Cycling for Hope Facebook page for those who are into Facebook and want to follow my 100km a day for 31 days cycling challenge that way. It’s a public page that you can follow here:

All donations and sponsorship, whether $100 or $5, is greatly appreciated. You will received an Australian tax receipt from Rotary Australia Overseas Aid.  Click here to donate and read more about Nakuru Hope.


2 responses to “Cycling for Hope – Day 13

  1. Keep up the awesome work Andrew!

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