Cycling for Hope – Day 21

Industrial Brisbane by Andrew Gills
Industrial Brisbane, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Exhaustion. Frustration. Fatigue. Want it to be over.

I’m not going to lie. I’m exhausted. Day 21 didn’t help. I left home at 3:30am to cycle to the airport (46km). I flew to Melbourne and back for work. The delay on the flight home meant we didn’t land until after 7pm. I still had 54km to ride.

The ride home brought me to tears. I’m not going to lie about it. My front derailleur cable snapped again. My rear derailleur stopped indexing for a while (it came good just before home) so I was reduced to riding single speed.

At 91.5km I passed my street. I knew I could just turn left and it would all be over in 1km. But I kept riding. It took everything I had to force myself to ride those last 8.5km and not give in.

Today (day 22) is Friday. I just have to get through it. Saturday I will sleep in and do my ride in the afternoon / evening. I hope that will help me refocus and recover a big for the final push. More than anything, I hope my bike holds together because I don’t want to have to resort to the Purple Monster or mess around with getting my bike to / from the bike shop.

Total: 100.3km cycling
Cycling for Hope cumulative total: 2,130.9km

I’ve set up a Cycling for Hope Facebook page for those who are into Facebook and want to follow my 100km a day for 31 days cycling challenge that way. It’s a public page that you can follow here:

All donations and sponsorship, whether $100 or $5, is greatly appreciated. You will received an Australian tax receipt from Rotary Australia Overseas Aid.  Click here to donate and read more about Nakuru Hope.


2 responses to “Cycling for Hope – Day 21

  1. what a sh.. of a day! Hope you could recover overnight. Take care! X

  2. Ugh, that really sucks! Sorry to hear, and sure hope your luck gets better!

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