I just couldn’t help myself

Scenic commute by Andrew Gills
Scenic commute, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I was going to rest this week. But after two days of inactivity I felt totally lost and restless. So this morning I jumped my my 29er (which I didn’t ride during Cycling for Hope) and rode the scenic route to work down the gravel road and then along some footpaths.

It felt so good to be on the bike. This is the bike I’m taking to Tasmania later this year when I ride the Tasmanian Trail so I was excited to give it a burn after riding the roadie for the past 31 days.

Total: 30km commute


6 responses to “I just couldn’t help myself

  1. Ah, the siren song of the trail! Sounds like a great ride!

  2. That’s a welcoming black and white bike, training psych!

  3. Awesome image. . . and by the way, I gave you an award–well deserved too. You motivating, encouraging, positive, and awesome individual you!

  4. [I’m still writing up the post]

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