Fun play commute

Fun play commute by Andrew Gills
Fun play commute, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

One of the best things to come out of Cycling for Hope is a renewed sense of comfort and joy in cycling. And one of the best things about Cycling for Hope being over is that I can play on the bike without worrying about having to stay out on the road for 100km.

This morning I wanted to get out to play. But I didn’t want to get up early or ride in darkness. So I added a couple of kilometers to my morning commute by riding some short sections of trail. I continued my playfulness by cycling on the wide grassy verges alongside the road instead of cruising the bitumen. Sure, I did have to ride the concrete for a little while but I still got a good half hour of play into my ride.

Tonight I’ll ride home. Maybe I’ll play some more because it will get me off the main roads during the dangers of dusk.

Total: 30km commute (including tonight’s return ride)


One response to “Fun play commute

  1. Haven’t been on my bikes for 2 weeks! Riding to work (and back) on Friday and have a 50k ride planned for Sunday. Can’t wait to get a routine back. Need to buy some new lights for the darker evenings now.

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