Continuing the love affair

Summer is here by Andrew Gills
Summer is here, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I had university classes last night so didn’t get a chance to go riding. I found myself rather sad, like a love-sick teenager missing my girl. So it was with great excitement that I got out this morning to cycle commute.

It’s strange to find this rekindling of love for moving on two wheels. I used to feel this excitement and passion in my twenties, and feeling it again is fantastic.

Today’s commute will be about 30km in total (I broke the cycle computer on my MTB). Instead of riding on the road, I have been playing on the grassy verges and off-road concrete cycle paths. It’s good training for my Tasmanian Trail trip in December.

Total: 30km cycle commute


5 responses to “Continuing the love affair

  1. Your posts are so wonderfully motivating and *real*. I love ’em!

  2. [what is her name? your bike . . . I forget]

    • This bike doesn’t have a name. The only bike that has a name is the Purple Monster (you can recognise it because it’s purple 😉 ). I’m not someone who usually names inanimate objects unless it’s to swear at them (that’s how the Purple Monster got it’s name – because I was swearing at it when it was broken).

      • Bah ha ha ha! 🙂
        The only inanimate object I have ever named was the first car I got to drive (shared with sister), a 72 VW Superbeetle named Diamedes; and my bikes. 🙂 Interestingly, not the first or second one I had as an adult. Just the last two.

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