Fog riders

Fog rider by Andrew Gills
Fog rider, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

With the sudden transition from winter to summer that we experience here, mornings are often punctuated by low-lying fog. This morning, after riding my MTB through the bush to Mum’s house, she and I went on a road ride through said fog. It was a beautiful way to start the day.

Scene from my commute

Scene from my commute

After leaving Mum at the start of her street, I continued on to work. The new bikepacking gear worked really well on the road bike and will save me carrying a backpack when I cycle commute. Importantly for my colleagues, the bun loaf I bought for our morning tea fit in the seat post bag without getting squashed.

Total: 7.5km MTB + 51km road ride (including my commute home tonight)

8 responses to “Fog riders

  1. What a great day! ANd what a beautiful photograph! You’re so glad she’s nearby and can ride with you.

    • Yeah, I’m really lucky to have Mum close by so we can go cycling together 🙂 It was a beautiful morning to ride. Soon it will be very hot and humid in the mornings.

      • My mom is nearby, but 78. So we used to walk, and will soon. She is going to be totally healed from knee replacement by spring. One tough cookie!

      • Great she’s still walking. My partner’s mum is 70 and can’t walk more than 50m anymore. That’s driving my partner (47yo) to take up walking to lose weight & get healthy. Mum’s 60 and loves cycling & hiking. She’s super active so I am lucky 🙂

  2. And up here autumn is coming with yellow leaves and darker nights. =)

  3. That looks so cool! great Picture!

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