Return to the single trails

I didn’t do much outdoors this weekend because my partner is on holidays and I wanted to spend time with her. She’ll be on holidays until mid-September so I will stick around home with her, going out just for short half-to-one hour walks or rides in the bush near home. But I have plans to go bikepacking the first weekend that she’s back at work 😉

Today we visited my parents who have been looking after my MTB since I went riding with Mum (they had been looking after my road bike since the end of Cycling for Hope but I rode my MTB to their place this week to collect it and leave my MTB there). So after our visit my partner drove home and I cycled home.

I hit some single tracks on the ride home. It was fun but I can definitely feel that I’ve not ridden trails for almost three months. I’ve lost a lot of confidence and didn’t have much to begin with so there was a lot of walking and stepping over logs, instead of riding them. It’s just going to take patience to get back at least to where I was and then to work on skills to improve a bit. But I have plenty of time and, in the mean time, it’s just beautiful to be out in the bush. I don’t have to ride fast to have fun 🙂

Total: 10-12km MTB.

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