Bayview trail running

Tonight my partner and I went to dinner at my parents’ home. My parents live 7.5km from my house along bush trails. So, instead of driving there with my partner, I ran. The trails end 1.5km from my parents’ home and, as luck would have it, my partner was driving past as I popped out of the bush so she gave me a ride the last section.

It was a slow but delightful 6km run. My calves are quite tight but I’m doing a lot of stretching and am sure they will get used to running again despite the lengthy break from running. All I know is that I love love loved the run and can’t wait to hit the trails again.

I made a short video of my run to share with you. Sorry the quality isn’t great but I used the video setting on a photo camera.

Total: 6km trail run with daypack


4 responses to “Bayview trail running

  1. haha i love to literally “run” errands or use running as a mode of transport. looks like some neat trails!

  2. Looks a good pace, and hearing your breathing, are you like me with the pace and form improving when the camera goes on?

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