What’s you commute look like?

My commute isn’t long. It’s only about 15km, which is just under 10 miles. I used to find the commute to work boring because the main roads are so heavily trafficked during peak hour. But, since Cycling for Hope, I have realised that I don’t have to be restricted to taking the most direct route to work. Actually, I don’t have to be restricted to anything anymore when it comes to cycling.

Add to that the inspiration I am drawing from bikepacking blogs, and particularly those of people who were training to ride the Big HURT, and I have found a mix for spicing up my commute. Besides, I’m training to ride the Tasmanian Trail later this year so I need to get some off-road practice.

Instead of heading directly to work, I swing around the block and hike-a-bike through a short section of bush to ride the gravel road in this photo. Then, I ride down the verge alongside the road, battling long grass, holes, rocks and small jumps. I round the ride out with about 5km of footpath riding because it makes me feel like I am on holidays.

What’s your commute look like?

Total: About 30km commute by the time I get home.

7 responses to “What’s you commute look like?

  1. My commute is along a busy road into the centre of Edinburgh but like you I realised I didn’t have to be direct so on the way back I often detour via traffic free paths or take the sea front way.

  2. My commute sees me traverse ~35km across the oceans. Best commute ever, IMO πŸ™‚

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