Course setting

Trail setting gear by Andrew Gills
Trail setting gear, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Now that we’ve committed to setting up a training course for our friends, my sister and I have to actually make sure we set a good map. We’ve worked out how to overlay the GPS-generated MTB trail maps off the internet onto the 1:25,000 topographic map that I bought earlier this year. Using the resulting map, we can rescale the maps to suit the course we set.

This morning I went out to start setting the course. I can’t give too much away because secrecy is key. But it was great fun riding around on my MTB looking for fun and challenging places to place checkpoints while also ensuring the course flows nicely.

I spent 1.5 hours out in the bush before work. I used a printed map, GPS app on my phone and a camera. It was great fun and I can’t wait to get out on Friday morning to keep plugging away. We only have 10 weeks to create our map and sew the flags. During those 10 weeks we both have a few trips away planned – so most of our prep will take place before and after work.

Total: That’s a secret because if I told you it would give away details of the map.

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