Preparing for the weekend


Tomorrow is the big day. I am of on my first bikepacking trip. I’ve done some cycle touring in my 20s but nothing since. So this weekend is a bit of a big deal. Especially given that I am going to Tasmania for 3 weeks bikepacking at Christmas.

Anyway, this morning I put my loaded Bike Bag Dude gear on my bike for the first time & hit my local single tracks. The gear was great. I barely even noticed it. Even the weight of my camping gear didn’t bother me.

l rode an 18km loop. Lifting my bike over gates wasn’t fun. But I bet it’s much worse with pannier bags.

I leave at 4am tomorrow. The only train to Nambour depart the city at 6:30am. So my choices are to cycle 17km to Beenleigh & catch the 5:00am train to town or get a lift to town with my parther who starts work at 5: 00am. I have to leave home around 4 am either way so I might as well cheat.

Total: 18km MTB

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