Transventure Part 2

I ran out of space to upload photos onto my blog tonight. I don’t really want to spend money buying space because it’s money better spent out adventuring. So I have set up a Part 2 to my blog over at I hope you come follow my continuing adventures over there.

It took me 21 months to use up my free space, so that bodes well for my new blog space too. Come join me for another 2 years of adventures.

I am in the process of setting the new blog up identically to this one. It’s late tonight so I will continue working on it tomorrow. All new posts will be posted there. I hope you come follow me on my continuing adventures.

Adventures will continue at

6 responses to “Transventure Part 2

  1. Have you been uploading photos into your wordpress space? I don’t know much about it – but did you try putting the photos somewhere else, like a flickr account, then embedding the links that display the photos that way? I have managed it once or twice to pictures on both flickr and geograph – and have been able to adjust the display formatting quite well.

    • Yeah I started out uploading all to WordPress. For the past 6 months I’ve been using Flickr but WordPress only seems to allow me to upload one photo at a time from Flickr. The Flickr app for my phone doesn’t connect with WordPress anymore either. In the new space I am going to use Flickr and try to find another photo hosting site that works. But I’ve still run out of space so it’s easier to start fresh than to change what I’ve already done (there’s 640 posts on my blog – argh). I might try geograph too. Thanks for the tip.

      • Complicated!

        Geograph isn’t a photo album site – it’s a cool place for uploading photos from / in grid squares in Britain and Ireland. I’ve used it for pictures of places I’ve been sometimes when I haven’t got one myself! Or for seeing what certain tracks on a map might look like on the ground 🙂

  2. Geograph, eh? Interesting. Hey, I’ll be following you over there, too!
    You’re smart to save your money for adventuring : -)

  3. I’ll definitely be following you over there Andrew! Btw, I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award –

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