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Aah rest

Aah. Rest. So lovely. I’m having a week or two off training to recover. It means my blogging and blog reading might be sporadic for the rest of this month. Time to concentrate on work and university, both of which I have neglected the past 31 days (I’ve even set up a Leech Blocker on my work computer so I can’t access Facebook, Twitter or WordPress from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

I have also run out of space on my free blog so need to set up a paid blog here on WordPress. I’m not quite sure how that will affect my URL or subscribers but will post more once I sort it out.

Layout change

Sorry to readers who dislike change. I have gone back to using a cleaner theme for my blog, after trying out the blue theme for a little while now. I’m not 100% sure this is the theme that will work best for me but at least it’s a bit less blue than the other one was.

A little about my life outside sport

Before today I’ve kept my professional life private on my blog because it’s not been relevant. But today I received word that I will be starting a new adventure in late February: I will be returning to university to study a Bachelors degree in Adult and Vocational Education. I only applied for the course two weeks ago but today received an offer from Griffith University here in Brisbane.

The course is a graduate-entry Bachelors degree so it will only take two years full-time (up to four years part-time) instead of four years full-time (up to eight years part-time). I am going to start with part-time study this year (two units per semester) with a view to increase my load to three units per semester next year once I understand the basics.

I will continue to work full-time in my senior position with an eLearning company while I am studying. The combination of work and study is nothing new for me. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice full-time by correspondence at the same time as I was completing a trade apprenticeship in electronics (I was rubbish at my trade). I then completed a Bachelor of Laws full-time by correspondence while working full-time in a government criminal law office.

So 2013 is going to be a big year for me. Not only am I getting serious about adventure racing and Audax cycling, but I will also be studying a university degree. Oh, and did I mention yet that my partner and I hope to put our house on the market mid-year? We want to downsize, probably to an apartment in the city. So it’s all happening here for us.

Life’s never dull. And yes, I will still be training and racing πŸ™‚

2012 in review

What a year! I achieved so much that I thought was impossible on 1 January 2012. Despite the lengthy period of injury frustration, it’s been a good year for me.


I started the year by running my first ever half marathon at Convicts and Wenches on Australia Day. It was hot and humid, but I managed to complete the course in 2:10.57 despite being barefoot. The achievement took me by surprise because I only decided to enter a day or two before the race.


I was still racing triathlon last summer and in February I completed the Kingscliff Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2:25.53. It was my first Olympic Distance Triathlon after returning to training in July 2011 and I was proud of the achievement. My dad and I spent a delightful weekend camping at the beach in Kingscliff, making it an even more special event.


I smashed the Twilight Half Marathon in 1:46.33 in March. I ran in shoes and had a negative split. The event was a huge confidence boost for me and I finally realised that I can run. This realisation sparked the adventures I took on the following months.


In April, my mum, grandmother and I traveled 2,000km each way to the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Triathlon. The triathlon was awesome but the trip was even better. I rode my motorbike while Mum and my grandmother drove Mum’s ute. We took tents and camped out in national parks and Outback camping grounds along the way. Then we spent a day sailing and snorkeling at the Whitsundays on the way home. It was magnificent.


I fell in love with adventure racing in May. After completing the Byron Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon on the 12th, I also completed the Queensland leg of the Adventure Race Australia with my sister as team Whoops Which Way. After 7:48.33, my sister and I cross the finish line and I declared that adventure racing pooed all over triathlon. I fell in love with adventure racing that day; a love affair that I intend to indulge in 2013.


I didn’t race in June. I took the month off after the end of the 2011/12 triathlon season to evaluate my race goals for the second half of the year. I didn’t really see myself as a triathlete anymore and changed the name of my blog from TransTri: Adventures of a Transgender Triathlete to TransVenture: Adventures of a Transgender Outdoor Athlete. It was a statement of intention and represented a huge shift in focus.


I returned to racing in July, completing the Tre-X Off-Road Duathlon. The event was fantastic fun, though I was one of the slowest mountain biker on the course. I then followed this up with the Flinders Tour 50km Trail Run, which I completed in 6:48. This was a huge milestone for me because it was my first 50km trail run and I completed it in well under my 8 hour goal time. After this I decided to run 12 marathons or ultra marathons in 12 months. The plan was cut short due to injury in September but the fact that I conjured it up shows just how my self-image had changed: I no longer doubted my abilities.


August was a month of triumph and tragedy. I completed the 22km Lake Manchester Trail Run and an orienteering event. But my biggest achievement of the year was my first marathon. I can’t express the sense of achievement and pride I experienced when I crossed the finish line of the City to Surf Marathon, Perth in 4:17. I felt so accomplished and the memory of that experience will live with me for a long time. I have to admit that the marathon is not an event that I would be likely to run again in a hurry but just to enjoy the experience once was amazing.


September was the start of a challenging 4 months. I injured my hamstring at the City to Surf Marathon and then my shin splints got so bad I needed to rest. I took 8 weeks off running, which drove me crazy. But for the month of September, I stayed relatively positive and hung in there; focusing on cycling.


My final event for the year was the 100km Brisbane to Gold Coast mass participation cycle challenge. It was a fantastic day. Mum and I rode 160km together; the mass ride and then we rode part-way home. It was fantastic.


November was the most difficult month of my year. I experienced deep depression and anxiety after my sacroiliac joint went. I couldn’t run or ride. In fact, I pretty much couldn’t do anything. It took a lot to keep going through the depression and everything in my life suffered. But at the same time, I did find space in my life to reconnect with my faith and spirituality. Perhaps this is part of why I was injured: to force me to make time in my life for balance and others.


This month has seen me recover from both the injuries and emotional health struggles. My sacroiliac joint is settling and I’m getting better at managing the shin splints. I’ve returned to running and cycling. I’ve entered a string of adventure races for 2013. And I’m making positive plans for all aspects of my life.


2012 was a successful year. Bring on 2013 πŸ™‚

A couple of rest days

I’ve taken the past two days off training because my sacroiliac joint is giving me trouble. I whipper snipped (I don’t know the non-Australian-slang term for this activity) the borders of my lawn yesterday for the first time since May. It only took half an hour but it did enough damage to make walking painful so I wasn’t keen to try running. My partner has a similar back injury to me and she later told me that she doesn’t whipper snip for the same reason.

This evening I replaced the brake cables on my mountain bike. That felt like quite an accomplishment after riding all year without brakes.

As 2012 draws to a close, my partner and I are taking stock of our current life and financial situations. Our lifestyle has changed drastically the past three years and the dreams we had back then are vastly different to those we have today. We are starting to feel more certain about the direction we would like to take for the next half decade and, without saying anything more, 2013 is going to be a huge year of exploration for us.

I’m going mountain biking tomorrow morning. The physical exercise will do me good.

Fresh blog layout

Sorry to those who don’t like change but I have decided that the anniversary of my blog and the start of my new adventures after a long period of relative rest is a great time to give my blog a facelift. I went through just about all the WordPress templates and this was the one that I liked the best for my style of blogging.

Here’s to new adventures and challenges as the Southern Hemisphere Summer of 2012/13 kicks into gear πŸ™‚

Happy birthday to my blog

Courtesty of Digital Art /

Courtesty of Digital Art /

I just realised my blog was one year old yesterday, 4 December 2012. This is the longest I’ve ever kept a blog running. Woohoo! WhatΒ  great time to get a focus on positivity.

Thanks for following and commenting on my journey this past year. I hope to continue growing stronger in my second year as an outdoor athlete πŸ™‚

Nutrition blog

I’ve found my training blog useful at keeping me honest and focused on my training. Now that I’m finding a training rhythm, I want to take the next step in my quest for health and fitness: to eat right.

My diet has been slowly improving the past six weeks but I still have a way to go because I have whole weeks where I fall off the bandwagon and just eat whatever is at hand.

I have started a food blog in which I can track what I eat and recipes I like. If you’re interested in food, you can find the new blog at: Tranventure Food. I only started the blog this morning so it’s still a work in progress.

Change of blog name

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve changed the name of my blog to Transventure: Adventures of a transgender outdoorsman. The URL remains the same.

Originally I was blogging about my adventures in triathlon but I am getting more involved in other outdoor adventures lately so it seems inaccurate to retain the original blog title. I hope you still keep following and that the name change isn’t too confusing πŸ™‚