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South Australia Road Trip Day 1





On Monday, Dad invited me to join him on a drive to Adelaide to pick up a camper trailer. I jumped at the chance to take another drive through Outback Australia. This time the trip would take me about 4,000km south-west through NSW, South Australia and south west Queensland.

There was, however, the slight matter of a midweek business trip to Melbourne but it was only for one day. And so it was that yesterday I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne for work, then to Sydney from where I caught a prop plane to Dubbo to meet Dad. He’d driven down from Brisbane to pick me up.

This morning we left Dubbo and drove north to Nyngan where we stopped for coffee. I also tried to find a geocache but had no luck. The road to Nyngan had taken us through fields of cotton. They’ve finished the harvest so there were massive white bales of cotton standing in the fields. The yield looked impressive but then, we use a lot of cotton in our society.

We spent the rest of the day driving due west along the Barrier Hwy to Broken Hill, leaving the cotton fields behind as we entered red dirt country. Scrubby trees stood as windbreaks along the road and dotted the dry yellow grass paddocks.

We stopped briefly in Cobar to buy a phone charger for my phone and some groceries. Then we drove further west for lunch at a roadside rest area.

The rest areas here are pretty. A carpet of bright red dirt covers the ground while scrubby trees provide shade.

The land here changes constantly. Or at least it does if you pay attention. While we started the day driving through endless flat cotton fields, we moved through low rocky hills, flat grass lands dotted with trees, and low grass covered sand dunes.

And then we came to Wilcannia and the Darling River basin. The lakes and river were full of water. Water birds sat on tree branches, swam on the water’s surface and flew over the lake and river. It was beautiful.

The land opened up after Wilcannia. We could see for miles all around across the short yellow grass. It was a fantastic way to end the day’s drive.

I love traveling through the Outback. It’s so wide and wild. It’s always beautiful and never boring. Every season and year are different to the last, making the landscape ever-changing.

I found three geocaches today. And even here, in the.middle of nowhere, someone else had signed the light of.one of the caches today so I.wasn’t the only cacher out here.