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First session of the new year

Sun salutations

Sun salutations

Today is the first day of my journey to running a 100 miler. At this stage, that’s my ultimate running goal. The distance is calling me the way The Landy is called by Everest. I’ve spent the full southern hemisphere spring in rehabilitation mode but since this morning my physio and I have switched to ‘moving forward’ mode.

I have to give Paul Trevethan at Body Leadership Australia a big shout out because he’s been wonderful. From the moment I walked into his clinic he listened to my needs, fears and frustrations. He’s responded to my text messages asking for help and he’s squeezed me in when I’ve urgently needed his healing hands. He’s never told me I couldn’t do anything but has been honest about the areas of my body I need to look after (and he’s never said “I told you so” when I failed to listen).

Tonight I did my stretching routine for the first time since October. I also did two rounds through the Hatha Yoga Sun Salutations. I only did them gently and tentatively but it’s a start. I start yoga classes on Tuesday 18 December and have already told my instructor about my SIJ so she’s going to help me avoid exercises that might flare it up.

I have also done three sets of five exercises each of my pilates exercises: setting my stomach, clams, knee raises, rocking my knees side-to-side and hip raises. My core strength is terrible. But I am practicing these basic moves until I start pilates classes on Monday 17th December with my physio’s wife (also through Body Leadership Australia). The great thing about taking pilates classes with my physio’s wife is that she will know my limitations and core strength needs.

My physio is looking at ordering me a sacroiliac joint brace and has taped me up in the interim. It’s all systems slowly shifting into “go”. I’m being careful not to overdo it and will continue to be guided by both my body and my physio. But it feels good to be making the first step towards my 100 miler goal. A goal that might take a while to reach but one that promises an interesting journey.

Positive news brings positive goals

Image courtesy of zirconicusso / Freedigitalphotos.net

The good news today has brought with it a new sense of positivity. Instead of going to yoga tonight, I decided to come home, have a few ginger beers and refocus on Audax Cycling with the Audax Australia.

Audax is where you ride randonees, which are predetermined routes ranging from 50km to 1,000km in a given time limit. The time limits are generous, allowing you to complete the course while averaging just 15kph. And that’s exactly why Audax appeals to me; because I don’t want to race. I just want a reason to get out on my bicycle over the coming year while I build the mileage in my legs after I start running again.

I am going to 50km event close to home on 20 October to learn more about Audax Australia. If I like it, which I’m sure I will, I’ll join up so that next year I can work towards some of the Audax Australia awards.

I’m extremely goal oriented so I need something to work towards. The end of my 12-in-12 Challenge affected me more than I consciously realised, though I’m sure it came through in my posts. So I felt a bit lost. But now that I know I don’t have stress fractures I can focus on healing my legs for running and enjoying cycling again in the meantime.

The Audax Australia season runs from 1 November – 31 October. So I’m coming into the sport at the right time. There are three awards I would like to try to achieve:

  1. Australian Super Randonneur – Riding 1,500km as one each of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km rides
  2. Year Round Randonneur – Riding at one ride of at least 200km every month; the Australian Super Randonneur rides can count towards the Year Round Randonneur rides
  3. Audax Australian Annual Award – Riding at least either 1,000km, 2,500km, 5,000km, 7,500km or 10,000km in events in a single season. I think the 2,500km distance is a realistic goal for me.

Unlike my 12-in-12 Challenge, these goals are realistic and shouldn’t cause me to walk the fine tightrope of injury. They are goals that complement my desire to run ultra marathons and to spend a year increasing my running mileage. If anything, they will be a brilliant way to work on my physical and mental endurance. The cross training will also probably be good for my legs.

Woohoo! Good day today.