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Stretching and strength

Some of you might remember that I had a terrible time late last year with my sacroiliac joint (the joint where the lower back meets the hips). Well, it’s playing up again. It’s threatened a few times over the past twelve months but somehow I’ve managed to stave it off. But not this time.

My sacroiliac joint ligaments are loose. I’ve had all sorts of tests and seen specialists. The results are always the same: a loose sacroiliac joint. The bad news is that it can’t be fixed. The good news is that I can’t make it any worse. I like the good news part.

I aggravated the joint last week when I stepped off a log awkwardly and jarred my back. I have been to the physio and that helped a bit but I know from experience that only two things will make the pain go away: time and core strength.

So today, instead of going out riding, I have spent an hour doing crunches, plank, leg raises, push ups, squats, lunges, stretches and have rolled my calves. It’s been a few months since I did any strength exercises so I’m sure my performance will improve too.

Total: 1 hour strength and flexibility.


Exercising restraint

Restraint is not my forte. When I tell people that I back impulse control, they laugh. Perhaps they think I am joking.

Two days ago, I heard of an Oxfam Trailwaker team who are desperate for two people to join them walking 100km in 24-30 hours in 10 days time. Having walked the event twice before, I know it’s not an easy undertaking. In fact, it’s pretty epic.

I said “hi, we’ve never met before but I’ll join you”. Impulsive? Much?

Yesterday mentioned this to my physio while he was digging his elbows into my back and legs. He laughed. I think he thought I was joking. Besides, he knows better than to tell me “no” because that’d be like waving a red flag to a bull.

After my session, he came out to tell me it concerned him to think I might try this major undertaking on a whim without specific training. He’s never expressed concern about my crazy ideas before.

So I am doing through one thing that comes most unnaturally to me: I am exercising restraint and have told the team “sorry, I have been advised not to walk and am taking the advice on this one occasion”.

The real clincher was the risk of injury so close to my Great North Walk adventure. And the fun I will have as support crew foy sister’s team. 

5km run

After two weeks off, I returned to my marathon training program this morning.

The run I went on this morning was lovely. I just did a slow 5km. I’m not aiming to break any records or run any PBs at the Brisbane Marathon so my approach to training is quite relaxed.

I enjoyed the run. It felt good to be out sucking in oxygen and watching the morning go from dark to light.

Total: 5km mixed terrain run

Crazy rest day

I’ve had to take some rest time last night and today. My right calf was tight and sore all yesterday, with some tension also in my right achilles. I iced it during the day and last night. It’s not painful anymore today but I can still feel the tightness spreading to my right shin. I’ve looked at my monthly stats and have done a lot of mileage this month for someone who’s meant to be easing back in after a lengthy period of injury so decided a few days rest wouldn’t hurt.

Mind you, today has been crazy anyway. I caught a 5am flight to Canberra so left home at 3:15am. And now I’m at the airport waiting for a 7pm flight back home, so I won’t be home until about 8:30pm. In between, I gave a major presentation for work and sat an online university exam. Now I’m going to settle into a few hours of listening to the Scout leader training eLearning modules.

Tomorrow is Scout water activities camp – no doubt it will be a lot of fun for us leaders too. And then Sunday Whoops Witch Way has the iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race. It promises to be a hilly course.

*sighs* … At least the stressful parts of today are over … What a double whammy – public speaking and an exam.

Total: Rest

Rest day and shin splints

I decided to take a rest day today and to go cycling tomorrow morning. I was going to do things the other way round but what’s the fun of life without some spontaneity. The rest day has been fabulous. I slept in a bit, went to work and am about to go home to chill out until my partner gets home from late shift.

In other news, my shin splints are causing me a bit of bother. Despite all the physio I had in the second half of last year, they are now worse than I can ever remember them being. (Note, that’s definitely not a criticism of the physiotherapist who was really great).

It hurts to walk when they aren’t strapped though I am running pain free during my weekly trail running sessions when the shin is strapped. Clearly, the lengthy period of rest from running didn’t do the trick so I’m not entertaining that idea again. I’m not going to run more than once a week though.

I’m stretching my calves three to five times a day, doing my trigger pointing and also rolling the calf out on my foot ease at least every second night. Hopefully it helps stretch the muscle so that the pressure is taken off the connective tissue around the shins.

I am in two minds about going back to physiotherapy. I spent well over a thousand dollars there in the second half of last year and am no closer to a cure. I’ve had periods where the pain has gone so it might help but every time the pain just comes back. Actually, what happens is that when my shin isn’t sore, my sacroiliac joint plays up. And when my sacroiliac joint isn’t sore, my shin plays up. So there’s definitely something cyclical going on.

I am considering buying a pair of compression garments to wear when my shins are most painful. Perhaps it will provide enough support to relieve the pain in my shins. The only thing stopping me is not knowing whether they will actually work or whether I’ll be throwing more money at something else that doesn’t quite work.

I’m not upset at the situation. In fact, I’ve had shin splints since I was 17 or 18 years old so I’m sure I can continue to live with them. My biggest concern is that they turn into stress fractures. But hopefully with my training focus shifting to cycling and paddling, rather than running, the risk of this will be reduced.

So that’s it from me on this rest day. If anyone has any ideas for my shins, I’m open to suggestions. Tomorrow morning I am getting back on the bike for one last ride before my 200km night Audax cycle on Saturday. I’m a little nervous because there’s 2,500m of climbing and I’ve never ridden more than 160km before.


A morning on the bike

Riding at Victoria Point by Andrew Gills
Riding at Victoria Point, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

J arrived at 4:45am to take me to Victoria Point for running club. I’m so grateful to her for encouraging me to come along. The morning was perfect. Cloud cover tempered the sun’s heat. The world was quiet but for people doing exercise. The morning colours were pretty under the fast rising globe of gold.

I swung around the car park to take some photos of the dawn while “The Speedies” took off on their triathlon training cycle session. At 5:20am, I met with N and K who were also riding old purple mountain bikes and we set off at a slow pace to take an 8km circuit of Point O’Halloran. N and K are novice cyclists who are nervous about riding on busy roads and down steep hills, so I suggested Point O’Halloran for it’s flat quiet streets. We talked as we rode, sharing experiences and tips.

After completing the short 8km loop, N and K set off for the weekly club run. I’m not running yet and am not keen to combine cycling and walking due to the different muscle groups used. So I rode my bike alongside my friends as they ran. There must have been 100 runners at club this morning so I had plenty of different people to talk with as I moved between groups. By the time I returned to the carpark, I had ridden 15km. Sure, it took me 75 minutes but it’s still slow forward motion. After such a lengthy period of relative inactivity, it seems sensible to start out slowly. I know myself: I’ll be overdoing it again in no time 😉

Total: 15km cycle and plenty of time with friends.

First session of the new year

Sun salutations

Sun salutations

Today is the first day of my journey to running a 100 miler. At this stage, that’s my ultimate running goal. The distance is calling me the way The Landy is called by Everest. I’ve spent the full southern hemisphere spring in rehabilitation mode but since this morning my physio and I have switched to ‘moving forward’ mode.

I have to give Paul Trevethan at Body Leadership Australia a big shout out because he’s been wonderful. From the moment I walked into his clinic he listened to my needs, fears and frustrations. He’s responded to my text messages asking for help and he’s squeezed me in when I’ve urgently needed his healing hands. He’s never told me I couldn’t do anything but has been honest about the areas of my body I need to look after (and he’s never said “I told you so” when I failed to listen).

Tonight I did my stretching routine for the first time since October. I also did two rounds through the Hatha Yoga Sun Salutations. I only did them gently and tentatively but it’s a start. I start yoga classes on Tuesday 18 December and have already told my instructor about my SIJ so she’s going to help me avoid exercises that might flare it up.

I have also done three sets of five exercises each of my pilates exercises: setting my stomach, clams, knee raises, rocking my knees side-to-side and hip raises. My core strength is terrible. But I am practicing these basic moves until I start pilates classes on Monday 17th December with my physio’s wife (also through Body Leadership Australia). The great thing about taking pilates classes with my physio’s wife is that she will know my limitations and core strength needs.

My physio is looking at ordering me a sacroiliac joint brace and has taped me up in the interim. It’s all systems slowly shifting into “go”. I’m being careful not to overdo it and will continue to be guided by both my body and my physio. But it feels good to be making the first step towards my 100 miler goal. A goal that might take a while to reach but one that promises an interesting journey.