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My new tyres and pump arrived

My new Continental Ultra Sport tyres

My new Mini Morph frame pump

After a long hot day in the saddle yesterday (the maximum temperature hit 35’C / 95’F), I was rewarded today with a big box from Wiggle.co.uk. The box contained my new white Continental Ultra Sport tyres, Mini Morph frame pump and Leyzene tyre levers.

As I’ve mentioned before, my old road bike tyres are so old I can’t remember buying them. They almost disintegrated when I took them off the bike; I think it was just the tubes and road grit holding them together 😉 . Tonight I replaced them with my new white tyres. I still haven’t decided whether the white tyres look super cool or really stupid. Either way, I really like them because I like ‘different’.

The Continentals are a 700 x 23 tyre, which is the same size as the tyres I replaced. I prefer skinny tyres; they feel nice to ride on. I used to ride on 700 x 18 tyres when I was a junior triathlete. It was scary at first to ride on such slim slivers of rubber but over time I’ve become used to it to the extent that anything wider on my road bike feels slow and clunky. I can’t wait to hit the road tomorrow morning to test them out properly.

I also bought a new Mini Morph frame pump to use in emergencies. I decided to buy the version that doesn’t have a pressure gauge because I’m hoping never to use it (one must have positive thoughts). The pump can be mounted either on the drink bottle lugs or using cable ties.

Our summers here in Brisbane are long and hot. For the next 6-7 months we will consistently have daytime temperatures ranging from 28’C (82’C) to 35’C (95’F) so I don’t want to give up any of my water-carrying capacity (I can carry four biddons on my bike). Instead, I used the cable ties. At first I attached the pump under the top tube but I found that restricted my ability to access my biddons. Instead I went against convention and mounted the pump on top of the bar. It fits well and doesn’t get in the way there.

The only customisations left to make this bike perfect for me are a spare light set (necessary for most Audax Australia rides) and either a handlebar bag or seatpost bag (necessary to carry rain jacket or jumper). I need to get the lightset before 10 November when I have my first Audax ride. The bag is a lower-priority item that I’ll think about some more.

For now, I’m just excited about having new tyres to go with the new chain and cassette. Bring on tomorrow morning’s ride.