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My other healthy hobby

Sugar loaf cabbage

The summer months are gone and the flurry of triathlon-related activity is dying down so I have finally been able to spend some time tending to one of the great loves in my life: my organic food garden. It’s been neglected all summer, suffering the indignity of being filled with weeds rather than food. Until now.


Autumn is well and truly upon us here in Brisbane, with the clear blue skies and crisp nights of winter just a few weeks away. The change in the weather a few weeks ago sent me crawling back to my garden, seeking forgiveness for having become obsessed by triathlon. And, if the growth of the sugar loaf cabbage, broccoli and pea seeds are anything to go by, my garden seems to have forgiven me.


The slower tempo of my current fitness regime is allowing me two mornings a week off. Mornings on which I can potter around my garden: sowing seeds, watering the plants, feeding the soil and pulling out weeds. It’s a time to enjoy the sight of flowers, the taste of fresh food and the smell of warm earth in the cool morning air.

I have missed my garden and the vegetables it produces. The summer months are tough on the soil and plants, so next year I will leave my vegetable garden fallow but for the green manures that will provide it food for the April to November growing season. But next year I will not neglect her like I did this year for I will have more balance in my life between the various passions that drive me.