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5 hours until holidays


That’s me this morning heading to a work meeting all the way down in Canberra. Despite the blue tie andy travel destination, I am not a politician (Google recently deposed Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s women’s power speech if you don’t get my lame attempt at humour).

In just 5 hours I will be on a flight back home to Brisbane and 19 days off work. I’ve some trail running, chores and packing planned for Saturday to Monday. Then Tuesday morning I fly to Sydney to start my much anticipated (by me anyway) Great North Walk adventure. Bring on 14 days of just me, my pack and a 250km long hiking trail through the Australian bush.

Total: Rest day due to long day of flying interstate.

Guilty rest day pleasure

Mmmm awesome chocolate by Andrew Gills
Mmmm awesome chocolate, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I went out to the grocery shop at lunch to buy something healthy to eat but saw that they had the new flavours of Cadbury’s Marellous Creations line of chocolates in stock. Well, that was the end of my healthy rest day excursion. So, here I am, resting my body and treating my mind to 290g of delicious naughtiness. For those who live in the imperial world, 290g is just over 10oz; so it’s a lot of chocolate and I’m enjoying it immensely.

The chocolate is melting in my mouth, leaving me with the sweet crunchy chocolate biscuit, crispy clinkers (mmmm … I love clinkers) and kind of chewy gummy bears. The sugar overload is making my afternoon at my desk in front of the computer more enjoyable; it makes me feel like a big kid.

Ooh, what am I doing typing this? I need to use both hands to pull another piece of chocolate off the block 😉

Back to training tomorrow … but today I’ll just keep eating the brown vitamin.

Total: 0km and 290g chocolate.