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Mountain to point ride

Mum enjoying the view by Andrew Gills
Mum enjoying the view, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Mum and I hit the road this morning for a road ride. As usual, we had a lovely time cruising along the roads chatting away.

Our rides are slowly getting longer. Last year we’d have been happy just riding the 25km Carbrook Loop (aka The Seven Sisters). Then six months ago, the 38km ride out to Cleveland Point was our usual ride. This morning, we extended ourselves out to Wellington Point, a 55km return ride.

Total: 54.6km road cycle

I got to ride my road bike!

Morning ride by Andrew Gills
Morning ride, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It’s been about six weeks since I last rode my road bike. In that time I had the group set upgraded and bought a new wheel set. I got to take a short walking pace ride on it the day I picked it up from the shop but nothing more. Until today.

This morning I joined my running friends for an easy cycle from Redland Bay to Cleveland Point and back. Words can’t describe the joy I felt at being back in the saddle of my old Trek OCLV. For the most part, the new group set was fabulous. It needs some adjustment but that’s normal for new gears.

We cruised along in the early morning sunlight at an average speed of just 23kph. It was slow enough to enjoy a yarn while being just fast enough to test out my back. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. And not only because we hung out at the coffee shop afterwards.

Total: 32.5km