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Dare You Adventure City Raid, Brisbane

Preparing for City Raid

Ready for City Raid

The 2013 adventure racing season kicked off tonight with the Dare You Adventure City Raid. My partner and I paired up as team We’re Lost to enjoy a night out in Brisbane searching for checkpoints and tackling challenges. It was the best fun we’ve had with our clothes on.

We arrived on time for the 5:30pm check in, at which we received our map and clues. Our plan was to complete all the checkpoints in the CBD area; ignoring those over on the southern side of the river. My partner has only been exercising for about six months so our goal was to walk the course, not run it. I am so proud of my partner’s effort; she and I walked 9km, which is 4km further than her daily 5km walking sessions.

I found Gary Dare

I found Gary Dare

Our plotted route took us all through the city areas. We found Gary Dare for 90 points down at the university where he was delivering an assignment between 7:00 – 7:30pm. We bought a USB drive at OfficeWorks and completed a Suduko for another 90 points. We unstuffed a sleeping bag, got inside it and then stuffed it back into its bag for 70 points. I ate a teaspoon each of hot English mustard, wasabi and tabasco sauce for another 90 points. We found a range of monuments, plants and buildings for 20-50 points each, including a very challenging checkpoint in the middle of a big patch of bamboo. And all the while, we managed to keep one of our two balloons in tact for 80 bonus points. Even when we were completing the cycling obstacle course and pushups challenge.

The night was amazing. We scored 1,130 points. Nowhere near the leaders who scored in the 1,600s but still a fantastic achievement and one we’re both proud of. We even found time to stop for a bratworst from the German Sausage Van while we were out.

Total: 9km walked in an urban rogainne.