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Aah … That explains the moodiness … Darn hormones

I got some pathology results back. My testosterone levels are extremely low (down near the female range). That would explain a lot.

See, as a transgender man, I rely on testosterone medication to maintain my hormone levels. I’ve had a total hysterectomy so my natural hormone production is limited.

Over the past four months, I’ve been taking my testosterone orally instead of as injections. I started doing this to give my glutes a chance to recover from the sacroiliac joint injury. See, the testosterone injections are large, oily intramuscular affairs. I’ve been getting them in the same two spots in my glutes since December 1998. For the first decade, I was getting the injections every 2-3 weeks (on Sustanon 250 and then Primoteston) but switched to a new product about 5 years ago, which I only need to get every 11 weeks (on Reandron 1000).

In December last year, I decided to give my glutes a break from the injections. I was finding them increasingly painful due to the scar tissue that had built up over all those years.

There is no scientific way to know the exact correct dosage of testosterone I need to take. The recommended dose of the capsules is 1-2 tablets per day as required. I started with two tablets a day but found myself getting incredibly aggressive, so I cut down to one tablet a day. But with the hormone only staying in my system for about 12 hours, I have been finding myself tired at night and lethargic in the mornings (I have been taking my tablets with breakfast, which I eat after training).

While I have found the break from the injections helpful in some ways, the time has come to get back to my normal hormone levels (which are still in the low male range when I take Reandron, so it’s not like I turn all macho). I have noticed a softening of my body, reduced hair loss on my head (not a bad thing) with the tablets and a significantly reduced libido (just to remind me the difference between men and women 😉 ). I have been quieter on the tablets and more introspective.

The return to Reandron is likely to change my athletic performance. But not so much that I won’t know myself  or will have an advantage over bio-men. But I do look forward to a return to my energy levels.

Mostly, though, I look forward to not having the daily reminder that I am a transgender man. That will be fantastic 🙂