Upcoming adventures

You will be able to read more about these adventures on my new blog page http://transtri2.wordpress.com


  • 8th – Tooloona Creek Circuit bushwalk (17km day walk)
  • 13th – 2nd March – Kenya trip (including volunteering at Nakuru Hope and trip to Masai Mara) – booked


  • 9th – Mangroves to Mountains (150km Audax road cycle – 10:00 time limit) – entered
  • 15th-16th – Moreton Island hiking trip – postponed from February
  • 22nd – Bedrock permanent Audax ride (200km Audax road cycle – 13:30 time limit) – entered


  • 5th – April Animation (300km Audax road ride – 20:00 time limit)
  • 12th-13th – Rat-a-Tat Hut overnight hike (off-track rainforest hike with some adventure racers)
  • 18th-27th – Carnarvon Gorge bushwalking trip (8 days) – Confirmed


  • 3rd-4th – Cycle touring trip
  • 17th-18th – City Super Series 3 (400km Audax road cycle – 27:00 time limit)
  • 24th-25th – Mt May motorbike camping trip with bushwalk up Mt May – Need to book campsite
  • 31st-1st – Bushwalking ?


  • 7th-8th – Downs & Back (600km Audax road cycle – 40:00 time limit)
  • 20th-22nd – Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane (volunteer)


  • 19th – Inland Indulgence (100km Audax road cycle – 6:15 time limit)
  • 26th – Another Dam Audax (200km Audax road cycle – 13:30 time limit)


  • 2nd – Bedrock 2 (200km Audax road cycle – 13:30 time limit)
  • 13th – For the No-Shows (100km Audax road cycle – 6:15 time limit)
  • 16th-17th – Bushwalking or bikepacking?
  • 23rd-24th – Bushwalking or bikepacking?
  • 30th – Super Series 4 (400km Audax road cycle – 20:00 time limit)


  • 6th – Gatton Gambol (300km Audax road cycle – 20:00 time limit)
  • 13th – Cycle into Spring (200km Audax road cycle – 13:30 time limit)
  • 27th-28th – Bushwalking?


  • 4th-6th – Burnett Backburner (1,000km Audax road ride – 75:00 time limit)
  • 18th – C is for Centurian (100km Audax dirt ride – 10:00 time limit)


  • TBC – Greece with my partner

7 responses to “Upcoming adventures

  1. Ah, Andrew, I was thinking you must have some races coming up! Are you excited??? I’m jealous. And the pix from your bushwalk are EPIC! Love it…Q

  2. Wow, you must have saved some money to travel to these places within a short time period.

    • G’day Jean … I live in Brisbane, Australia so most of the places I have on my list are close by or very cheap to fly to (e.g. I am flying to Sydney using Frequent Flyer points) and I travel to Perth in Western Australia every 6-8 weeks for work. I’m working really hard to save up to go to Nepal; it helps that I have a good day job and that the Australian dollar is very strong right now.

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