CT scan results: Good news

I just got my CT scan results. The radiologist found no indication of stress fractures in either shin or my left foot. This is excellent news because it means I can now work towards recovery without having to wait for bones to heal.

Having said that, I am still taking a break from running so that my legs can heal properly. There is definitely a problem with my legs and feet that needs to be repaired. A rest from running and physiotherapy are probably going to give me the best chance of recovery.

At this stage, I am totally taking a break from running and hiking until early December. Then, if I am pain free, I will follow the first 3-4 weeks of a post-stress fracture training program I found online and then blending that into a 9-week Couch-to-5km program. I once read that the biggest risk in running is listening to your aerobic ability because muscles and ligaments take longer to get strong than our hearts and lungs do.

So the Couch-to-5km will probably be a sensible move. I then found a really good 19 week kilometre build-up program that can take me from running about 20km a week to 40-50km a week. I don’t like programs but I like being injured even less. I hope I can discipline myself enough to spend the next 6-9 months building strength and endurance, not only aerobically but also in my legs.

I’m ready to be pain free and am ready to be a consistent runner not someone who relies almost solely on luck, pig-headedness and a sprinkling of natural ability.

7 responses to “CT scan results: Good news

  1. I’m glad there’s no stress fracture; must be a huge relief for you. Will you be out on your bike while your leg’s healing as I can’t imagine you doing nothing πŸ™‚

    • It is good news. Yes, I hope to get out on my bike now that I know it’s not a stress fracture (it’s the pain in my foot that’s causing concern re: cycling).

      I’m going away for a camping weekend with my sister and her family the weekend after next so am going to throw my road bike on her bike rack so that I can do a few scenic rides. I have also got some more information about the rail trail so that might be a go-er one weekend. While I would love to go bike-packing, other than the rail trail I can’t see it happening because it’s getting hot here already and I really have anxiety about being hit by a car.

      I’ve spent the past week or two trying to work out why I can never seem to commit to a cycle touring trip and worked it out. I got sideswiped by a bus while cycling home from work in 2005. I couldn’t bring myself to cycle again until late 2006 when I got chased by two men in a car while cycling home. They first tried to grab me through their car window (we’re talking one guy fully leaning out of the window) and then chased me down a busy road while waving a hockey stick at me. I started cycle commuting again in 2009 but only did short stretches down back roads and on bikeways. In November 2009 I tried a cycle tour down Australia’s east coast. On the first day I got such bad dehydration and heat stroke that I almost died (not figuratively but literally). I got to a town and phoned my sister. I was mumbling and crying gobbeldy gook to her so she looked up a bus timetable and used Google maps to direct me to the bus station. She even had to talk to the bus driver to organise my ticket and to get my bike and trailer on the bus. I cried uncontrollably all the way home (a sure sign of sun and heat stroke) then spent 5 days on my couch drinking gastrolyte and Powerade, unable to eat and only getting up to use the bathroom. My best friend came to stay with me while my partner was at work because they decided it was too dangerous for me to stay home alone. I probably should have gone to hospital.

      I still lack a lot of road cycling confidence and fear a repeat of my previous cycle commuting experience. The idea of cycle commuting makes me feel ill in my stomach, even though I know I used to thoroughly enjoy it. At the moment I will cycle on the road during quiet times but I tend to avoid narrow roads or areas too far from home. All the rides I’ve done in the past year have been relatively safe. I need to get past it but it’s going to take some time.

      I also fear my bike breaking down on me and being stranded because I don’t know the first thing about fixing them.

      It’s all just excuses but I guess I tend to take the easy way out of things. I find running and hiking less stressful because I am not on the road and I know what to do if my body breaks down (not that I always listen to my own advice πŸ˜‰ ).

      Perhaps my goal next year should be to get more confident on the bike, take a bike maintenance course and actually do a really good cycle tour in the cooler months. I know I’d enjoy it because I loved my 1,600km cycle from Birdsville to Brisbane in 2002.

    • Sally, your comment and writing my reply made me think about ways I can overcome my cycling fears.

      I am going to try to participate in a local Audax event in October. Just as being in a non-competitive running club has improved my running out of sight, so too is participating in a non-competitive sport like Audax going to work wonders for my cycling confidence πŸ™‚ I’ve emailed the event organiser for a local 50km event and from there I might also try a 100km event.

      • It’s understandable you’re concerned, I would be too. Sounds like a really good idea taking part in an Audax; I think it would help with your confidence. You’ll have company and no pressure πŸ™‚

  2. Starting back up very slowly with running sounds like a very smart plan. You are so right that our muscles and ligaments take longer to get strong than our hearts and lungs. I’m very excited to hear about your comeback in December!

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