Scary forest at night

Tonight was my sister and my regular trail running session. We intended to run 5km but ended up doing 8.24km. It was heaps of fun despite the heat (it must still have been about 30’C despite the sun having set). We cruised along together at a comfortable 7-8 min/km pace other than the kilometre we walked, which we covered in 9 minutes. We are still walking up the hills in our training sessions because I don’t want to overdo things with my shin splints and SIJ (which flared up a bit today but is still manageable).

We ran some fire trails and then set off down the You’re Kidding single track. We cruised through the pretty grass tree forest, where our lights shone off the grass tree fronds. Then through the scary forest, where the trees seem to be further from the track when on foot compared with on our mountain bikes. We hopped over fallen logs and twisted our way through the corners.

You can see our workout through Endomondo here.

Total: 8.24km night trail run.

2 responses to “Scary forest at night

  1. Great to read about you running trails again!

    • It’s fantastic to be running again too. I’m just limiting myself to once a week at the moment. I have to let my body adjust after such a long period of recovery. But I am feeling good when I run. I tape my shins and right hip to support them and that seems to be helping a lot. It’s also really fun to run with my sister who is fantastic company and has the same training goals as me. While I love running with my running club friends, I always have different goals from them so it’s often a matter of my fitting into their plans rather than training for my own event (if that makes sense).

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