Shoulda worn a snorkel and fins

The rain doesn’t just tumble out of the sky, it drops in sheets. Big cold drops pierce our skins and reach our bones. Well, mine because my sister, and Whoops Witch Way team mate, was clever enough to wear a rain jacket. I don’t mind though because it’s summer and the air temperature is warm enough for me to stay comfortable.

With head torches shining brightly, android phone (GPS) in a waterproof case and a sense of humour, we set off for our georun. My sister is new to geocaching but we’ve agreed it’s a good training tool. We have to navigate our way to a cache, search for it, then navigate to the next cache.

We slosh our way through urban parks, where the water often reaches our ankles. Some caches are too difficult for us to find in these conditions but we do have luck with some others. These are all micro and nano caches stored in disturbing containers like urine analysis jars and blood testing vials. I suspect the cache owner has been stealing containers from their job. But they make good cache containers and all are remarkably dry despite their sodden hiding spots.

It was so much fun to play in the rain.

Total: 7.6km geocaching run

2 responses to “Shoulda worn a snorkel and fins

  1. Brand new…or at least massively bleached, I hope!

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