It’s not adventure if there’s no risk of failure

One of the things I enjoy most about being a university student are the university clubs. I don’t get into many but while I studied law at QUT, I joined the Cliffhangers rockclimbing club. Now that I have started studying adult and vocational education at Griffith University, I have joined GRUBS (GRiffith University Bushwalking Society [who actually do a lot more than bushwalking]). Sure, anyone can join these clubs, even if they are not students, but for me, being part of these clubs is part of my university experience.

Today, I went on my first GRUBS outing. We went out to walk The Steamers; an untracked wilderness area west of Brisbane. Unfortunately, the adventure didn’t turn out quite as we hoped when the car we were using to shuttle our group to the trail head died a sudden and tragic death.

Walking back to the cars

So, instead of walking The Steamers, we hiked about 11km back out of the gravel road to where we’d parked the rest of the cars. With 15 of us, the walk passed quickly. We got to know each other, enjoyed the view of the mountains and long dry grass.

The cattle

The cattle

At one point, we were walking past a field of cattle who came running towards us before stopping in a line staring at us. It was quite comical.

Once back at the other cars, we had to work out how to get all of us back home to Brisbane; some 2.5hours away. Fortunately, the walk leaders have a good mate who came to the rescue. So the group split: most of us piled into the two working cars to do a walk at Cunningham’s Gap while the rest waited for a lift home.

I went out to Cunningham’s Gap with the group because I was the only person (other than the walk leaders) who’d been there before. Unfortunately, the walks to Mt Cordeoux and Bald Rock were still closed so we did the short 4.4km Palm Grove Circuit.

Look ... I'm in the tree

Look … I’m in the tree

The circuit was pretty but it was obvious that the Australia Day storms back in January have done some real damage, with landslides crossing the track and lots of treefall. On the way back to the cars we walked past a platform surrounding a massive hollow tree. Naturally, we had to take the classic ‘look at me in the tree’ shots.

Doesn't matter ... so long as I'm outdoors

Doesn’t matter … so long as I’m outdoors

I had a fantastic day. Sure, we didn’t get to walk The Steamers. But I met some new people and enjoyed time outdoors. What more could anyone want.

Total: 15.4km walk

4 responses to “It’s not adventure if there’s no risk of failure

  1. Sounds like a fantastic day.

  2. What a perfect day!

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